Prayer Items

Theme Scripture of May:

That ye would walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto his kingdom and glory.
(1 Thessalonians 2:12)


Pray for the Sunday School new semester. Pray that brothers and sisters can continue to receive God’s word and be established upon a firm foundation of Bible teaching. Pray that the teachers would be wise and engaging as they present and apply God’s word.


Pray for the Gospel camp. May the Lord bless the speakers' messages and touch the hearts of non-believers so that they would respond to invitations to come to know God and receive God’s grace. Pray for good weather and safety for those who attend.


Pray for the June 4 Church Anniversary and Open Day. With a thankful heart, pray for God’s blessings so that more friends/relatives and people from the community can come to church and get to know Christ.


Pray for the July 2017 VBS “Paul and the Underground Church”. May the Lord inspire and uphold brothers and sisters serving in this ministry so that the children would be able to know Christ from childhood and grow up in the word of God.


Pray for those living in poverty and hunger around the world. Ask God to give guidance to the national leaders and voluntary agencies to provide more assistance to those in need. Ask God to lead these people to know that the real savior is Jesus Christ.

Sat /


  • Practice Church Theme and the “Expand God’s Kingdom Movements”

  • Seniors: healthy body & soul.

  • Pray for the sick, the expecting and those in search of jobs