Welcome Guest
*     We sincerely welcomeall newcomers to our worship service. May Logos Baptist Church (Mississauga) be your spiritual home.
Church Affairs
*     Summer Student Recruitment: Summer jobs funded by Service Canada are now open for application. For details of job description and requirements, please take a look at the Church Administration bulletin board. Preference will be given to first year full-time university/college students. Interested parties can submit their application along with their resume to either brother Manson Mak or sister Marianne Ho. Deadline for application :  April 30.
*    2017 Joint Mission Trips
A.   STM trip to Asia from July 17-28 (12 days).
A group of 5-6 participants led by Pastor Tom Ho will hold English camps for 30-40 youths from Gr.7 to university level in local churches.
Estimated cost: around $2,500 per person
Deadline for application: April 16 on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested parties can contact brother Richard Leung for details.
B.    STM trip to Heidelberg, Germany from September 27 to October 9
A group of 6 participants led by Pastor Tony Fu will visit overseas students and scholars from China to perform personal evangelism.
Estimated Cost: around $2,000 per person
Deadline for application: April 30
Selection criteria: Must be our church member (18 years of age or above) with a passion to spread the Gospel and have relevant evangelism training.
Request for Subsidy(up to half of the total cost) will be required to submit along with the application.
Church Meeting/Training
*     There will be a Joint Bible Study and Prayer Meeting this Wednesday. Chairperson: Pastor Rhonda Liang. Interpreter: Jorrie Yau. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to attend.
*     Please note that the Music ministry monthly meeting will be moved to next Sunday, February 26th instead. For those serving in this ministry, please try your very best to attend.
Family News
*    The father of sister Rebecca Lam (grandfather of Elliot Lam) from the Cantonese congregation passed away last Monday. May the Lord comfort her and her family.
Community Events/Activities
*      The gym is open for recreational basketball practice after the fellowship. Since the church closes at 11:30 pm, a fellowship counsellor should be there to lock up.
*     The next Yee Hong Worship will be held next Saturday, February 25, from 9:45-11:30 am. In-charge: Isaac fellowship groups 3, 4 & 5 and English congregation. Please contact Brother Alfred Chan for details.
The Benevolence Ministry is designed to and offers support to members in Christ with financial needs in times of crisis.  Some of those areas may include basic need provision, emergency support for widowed family, education assistance, etc.  Application forms can be found on the Benevolence Ministry bulletin board.  Please contact sister Marianne Ho for details and all information will be treated in strict confidence.
A few housekeeping items:
*    The Cry Room is a worship area designed for parents/guardians to take babies or small children to reduce the disturbance of others. Please refrain from talking or eating in the room.
*    Our church is a “peanut free” environment. We ask for your cooperation not to bring any food containing peanut products or traces of peanuts to the church.
Bible Study
          Pastor Tom
                                 SERMON TOPICS IN FEBRUARY
 Sermon Topic
Expand God’s Kingdom (7): Christ is Lord in the church
 Pastor Tom Ho