Infection Control Policy 2009
  1. To promote safety in the congregation in terms of reducing infectious disease risk
  2. To allow each congregation to have a unified guideline within the church of infection control
Due to the recent rise in pandemic influenza and possible future infection risk within the community, it is advisable to have a church wide policy regarding infection control
When to implement policy:
The policy will be implemented during the influenza season of every year and during the pandemic outbreak
I. Communion
  1. People distributing the Communion will wear gloves in distributing the bread and cup.
  2. The communion tray will not be passed along , therefore individuals will move to the edge of the aisle so that the bread and cup can be distributed to them
II. Hand sanitizer and mask
1.      There will be hand sanitizer at the front of the church for those who wish to use it
2.      Face mask will be available for those who request it to wear during church.
III. Handshaking practice
  1. Pastor will refrain from handshaking with the congregations as they depart the Sunday service.
IV. Policy regarding attendance during sickness
  1. It is recommended that one should stay home and avoid attending church programs if one is sick with fever and respiratory symptoms like cough, runny nose, or sore throat.
  2. For those who have respiratory symptoms, it is recommended that they should wear a mask if they are in church.