Brief Introduction to Logos Baptist Church (Mississauga)

Our mother church [Logos Baptist Church (Milliken)] saw that the ethnic Chinese population of Mississauga was increasing continuously, and having the burden to preach the gospel to ethnic Chinese, so they encouraged a few families that lived in the west to begin having regular prayer meetings for church planting. After several months of praying, discussion and planning, they invited Reverend Joseph Wong from Hong Kong to come to Mississauga, Canada to lead the ministry of church planting.

The church was officially started on June 3, 1990, and began its first Sunday worship on that day. At that time, there were a total of 19 people (including two children) that came over from our mother church mainly to start the church. These brothers and sisters were very fervent, receiving various types of training and diligently spreading the gospel. In December 1999, we built a new church building that can hold five hundred people in worship. God is adding the number of saved people to Logos Baptist Church (Mississauga), such that the number of people attending our worship has reached more than four hundred people, and is continuing to grow and develop steadily.